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"Re-Program Your Mind for Success in Any Area of Your Life"

Discover How Subliminal Messaging Can Reprogram Your Mind To Get Maximum Results

Life-changing results take virtually no effort on your part!

This can happen with a few clicks on your computer.

Lose weight, improve relationships, better your career, be more confident, stay organised; all of these attributes are possible with the use of subliminal software.

As long as you are in front of your monitor, powerful life-changing subliminal messages will flood your mind! Using subliminal message software really is that easy.

Read on for proof....subliminal message software

How long do you spend in front of a computer screen?

If you have ever researched ways to improve yourself professionally or personally, you have more than likely come across people who have had success with affirmations.


They are however few and far between!

This process is basically repeating positive phrases and goals over and over again. Eventually the phrases get to your subconscious mind (the real powerhouse) and then become reality.


However, most of the time, your conscious mind is so critical with affirmations, or any promises you make to yourself, that they never reach your subconscious or have lasting effect. Just think about New Year Resolutions, how long do you keep trying?


Let's say you are shy or unconfident. So you try using will power, positive thinking and affirmations. You repeat over and over again, "I am happy, outgoing and confident."


Many times, your conscious mind just doesn't believe that the affirmation can actually happen. So when you are repeating the words, "I am happy, outgoing and confident," your critical conscious mind is saying, "Yeah, right. There is no way I am going to feel like that anytime soon."


And so the affirmation loses its effectiveness. With continued repetitions over a longer period, the affirmation may eventually get to the deeper subconscious mind and have some effect. But lets face it do you really want to spend your time doing this?


If you're anything like me NO is the answer!


As a ex occupational psychologist I can tell you unreservedly that subliminal affirmations do work , but only if used in the right way.


Wouldn't it be much easier and faster if you could send highly effective subliminal messages directly to your subconscious mind ?


Instead of repeating affirmation phrases all day long, there are unique subliminal message software tools that allows you to broadcast messages directly into your subconscious by flashing powerful messages on your computer screen.


You see, although our conscious mind can only focus on two or three things at a time, our subconscious takes in literally everything our senses are exposed to.

Proof That it Works

Here is a simple example which will prove to you beyond all doubt that your subconscious mind is constantly and attentively monitoring literally everything that your senses experience. When I explain this in seminars to people, I use the example of what's often called the 'Cocktail Party Phenomenon'.


You are standing in a room, for example at a party, with dozens of others who are having conversations. One of the many people in the room mentions your name...

...What happens?


Yes, you stop or pause your own conversation, and look up and around the room to see who mentioned your name and why!


Proof that you have indeed been subconsciously monitoring EVERY conversation in that room, difficult to believe but I can assure you its true. It happens subliminally!

This is very powerful, it's an innate ability of our subconscious mind to filter information that can be of use or of threat.

The example above uses the sense of hearing. Subliminal message software that flashes messages on your computer screen obviously uses the sense of sight, however the principle is exactly the same, the information does reach your subconscious and will affect change.

So although your conscious mind may struggle to decipher the subliminal messages being displayed, your subconscious definitely can.


This is important because this is how we bypass the critical conscious mind to access the subconscious directly.


Think about it: the average person today spends hours in front of a computer (even more so if you are using your computer for business or pleasure).


Why not make better use of that time by having the Subliminal Message Software running discreetly in the background - flashing powerful subliminal messages to your subconscious and thus improving your business or personal skills in the process?



If you are like me and many others, you spend at least two hours a day on the computer.


How much would you invest if you could be constantly improving yourself every minute that you were at the computer? Even while just surfing the net or checking your email - you could be bombarding your subconscious with powerful subliminal messages for positive and powerful change!

This Software is the key to quick and successful change.

Subliminal messages are those that effect the subconscious mind. You are not aware that the messages are coming in, but they are. These messages have been flashed on movie screens, television and print ads.

All of these have their benefits, but with computers being a regular part of our daily lives, subliminal message software is now available that offers everything the other media does, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of subliminal message software is that it can usually be customized. Yes, it will come with a core program of subliminal messages, but the ability to add your own messages and set different parameters for their display is a benefit that no other medium can offer.

Its main use is to change your thinking, and in that way it will create improvement in your life. These can be physical or mental changes. There are software products that cover many different areas of improvement, while others focus on one specific problem.

When purchasing subliminal message software, be sure you are getting one that will target any aspects you would like help with. Audio subliminal message software can help you with any of the following issues: -


green tick subliminal Improve business skills
green tick subliminal Improve self confidence
green tick subliminal Improve your memory
green tick subliminal Develop personal and business creativity
green tick subliminal Relax your mind and body
green tick subliminal Stop smoking
green tick subliminal Be more assertive when dealing with people
green tick subliminal Improve your public speaking skills
green tick subliminal Stop procrastinating and take action!
green tick subliminal Lose weight without struggling
green tick subliminal Improve relationships with anyone you choose
green tick subliminal Overcome shyness in company
green tick subliminal Develop sales skills to gain more business
green tick subliminal In fact you can use Subliminal Message Software to change anything you want to change!

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If you are trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or be a nicer person, then you know that none of these are easy tasks.

It seems like your own mind is working against you and you keep doing exactly the thing that you’ve decided not to do.

You get stressed out and light up a cigarette without thinking about it. You have a bad day at work and get a hamburger and fries at the local drive through on the way home.

Someone you know says something and you let fly with a sarcastic comment before you can stop yourself.

If any of these sounds like you then subliminal message software could be just the help you need. Subliminal message software works by transmitting messages that affect your subconscious brain and change the way that you think.

Some subliminal message software requires active participation and some can run passively in the background, but all of them can help you to break bad habits and improve your life.

There are several different types of subliminal message software. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or make more money at your job, you need to pick the software that will be right for you. Some subliminal message software consists of messages that flash across the screen. Some software is an audio track that you play and listen to.  I would advise not to go for any of the free downloads.

Other types of subliminal message software use both visual and audio messages to change your thinking. When you are considering purchasing subliminal message software you need to think about how you learn best and how you would like to use the software that you are purchasing.

Some types of subliminal message software require active participation. You may need to sit and watch a specific video on your computer for one hour each day. The idea is that embedded in the video will be messages that will change your thought patterns into whatever you need them to be. These videos may be accompanied by audio tracks that project the same message.

This means that you will be getting the message in two different ways- visually and orally. This can mean that subliminal message software that requires active participation is more effective. However if it sounds like these active participation programs will require more time than you have, they may not be a good choice for you.

If you are short on time, you might want to consider subliminal message software that can run in the background. These are usually audio tracks with messages embedded that will change your thinking. These passive subliminal message programs can be played while you are doing other things, allowing you to work or play computer games while the audio tracks change your thinking and your life.

If you have habits that you want to break or start, subliminal message software could be the way to go. Depending on the time you have available you will want to choose between passive and active programs. Active programs require participation such as watching a video or listening to an audio track. Passive programs allow you to do other things while the audio tracks play.

Either type of subliminal message software can help you to change your habits and your life.

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Best Subliminal Software

Subliminal message software usually works by flashing messages on the computer screen, playing audio through the speakers, or both. Visual messages may be text based, and too quick to see, or hidden in an image. All of the media used in the software should work together for optimal acceptance by your subconscious.

The next thing to consider is how the subliminal program works. Do you have to specifically view the program? Or can it be run in the background while you are doing other tasks? Neither is better than the other, except when it comes to the way you would prefer to use it.

A background program will allow you to use your computer however you wish throughout the day, with the subliminal messages constantly being flashed. This is the type I prefer and would recommend.

Another benefit of these is they can have an almost hypnotic effect, again adding to the ability of the subconscious to accept the messages contained in the program.

Any subliminal program (software included) takes a little effort, regular use and a bit of time, but other than that the process is passive. It isn't magic, but the results can seem like it!

Conversely, the results are not always immediately noticeable, just trust that something is happening, and that positive changes will take place. Once they do take place you will find yourself doing the things you want, without always being aware of the thought process behind them.

With the advances in understanding subliminal message software technologies, and the presence of computers in our homes and workplaces, it makes a lot of sense to engage in programming your mind for optimum performance.

Regardless of what you are looking for, there is sure to be a subliminal message software program that fits in with your personal goals.

 Meditation - Easy Tools for Success  Copyright by GiGi Konwin

Do you want to learn how to meditate? Have you tried to meditate but you keep falling asleep? Or you're not sure you are doing it right? Do you keep thinking about other things while you are trying to "clear your mind"?

First you need to decide what type of meditation you want to do. There are basically two types of meditation - active and passive. Passive meditation is clearing the mind of all thoughts. You can then allow your "inner voice" or "minds eye" to speak to you. Passive meditation is good for reducing stress, increasing creativity, or just getting in some quiet time.

Active meditation is when you keep your mind active by working on a particular problem in your life or focusing on accomplishing certain goals you have set. Using affirmations while meditating are particularly helpful in this area.

There are many simple techniques to help you meditate. You may have read about them already. They include breathing techniques, repeating mantras, sitting up so you don't fall asleep and visualizing certain objects. These are all good techniques and will help you accomplish reaching that alpha brain wave level necessary for meditation.

However, for a beginner, it can be frustrating, especially if you are not sure that you are reaching the alpha level. There are tools available that can help you. The easiest way to get started is with guided meditation cds. These recordings may have background music or binaural beats designed to help your brain get to the alpha level. Most of them will have a relaxation exercise. These are useful for passive meditation.

More advanced techniques for active meditation will have subliminal messages and/or auditory affirmations depending upon what goals you would like to accomplish.

Some are called self-hypnosis cds but they really are the same as guided meditations. These are helpful in keeping you on track during your meditation. It is very easy to lose your focus when you meditate and have your thoughts drift off to other areas. Concentrating on listening to the cds will help you maintain your focus.

Where can you get these cds and how much do they cost? Believe it or not, some of them are free! More advanced cds with subliminal or auditory affirmations are usually less than $25. There are even guided meditations you can download from music sites. Some of the cds require a good set of headphones.

Remember, meditation is all about relaxing and de-stressing. If you find yourself getting stressed out about relaxing, it may be helpful to use one of these meditation aids to get started.


How powerful are subliminal messages?

Psychologist claim that the greater part of our mind is completely subconscious and we know very little about it. At the same time the subliminal section of our brains does affect substantially all aspects of our lives from our physical wellbeing and appearance, to our lifestyle and self confidence.

Back in the 1950’s scientists discovered that the subconscious mind can be influenced by subliminal messaging. Here are some facts that will help you decide for yourself how powerful a subliminal message is.

Both of the rivaling superpowers during the Cold War and namely the United States and USSR carried out numerous scientific experiments to determine the usefulness and power of subliminal messages back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They wanted to use these for political, military and propaganda purposes.

Prominent researchers proved that subliminal messaging actually works effectively. It was proven that the flashing images and the quiet whispering sounds cannot create awareness of their existence in the conscious level of the mind, but can actually affect the subconscious one. In this way a person can be affected to act in a certain way as directed by the subliminal message.

Ever since the 1970’s subliminal messaging was used to enhance commercial sales both through commercials and other more directly influential forms. In movie theatres, where it is easier to analyze the effect of a subliminal message on a group of people, marketers observed a very powerful effect. Sales of pop corn, for example, would double if an “eat popcorn” subliminal message flashed on the screen at a certain frequency for an extremely short time while the movie is shown. The audience did not notice the subliminal affirmations, but was affected subconsciously to act upon them. Subliminal messaging has also been used to enhance the special effects of a movie and highlight its essential moments. This has proven to enhance success in the box office.

At present subliminal messaging is used mainly for self improvement, especially by people who are under serious pressure in their field such as athletes and business executives. You can use subliminal mind power to gain self confidence and your ability to focus. Specific subliminal messages can cure effectively medical conditions such as phobias and addictions. With the aid of new technology, scientists are getting further proof of the power of subliminal messages. One of the researches carried out recently has shown substantial physical evidence that subliminal messages leaves a lasting impression on the brain.

So what is the truth behind subliminal software? First of all, the whole issue about whether subliminals work or not was created because the results are hard to measure. The outcomes are as individual as our desires, and what seems like a perfect outcome for one person, does not satisfy another. However, science has proven that subliminal messages DO affect our subconscious mind and thus create significant changes in our thinking pattern.

If you’re searching for a basic and successful approach to self-improvement, then subliminal message software programs are one thing you should look at. It's a really simple and straightforward method of smashing undesirable habits, increasing self-esteem, and a range of other valuable self improvement changes.

If you're able to envision a way in which you would want to develop yourself, there's most likely a subliminal computer software out there to help put it into practice.

You can read textbooks and consider instructional classes on self-improvement, perhaps the biggest issue with those methods is usually that the enthusiasm to maintain working with them may possibly not be there soon after the session. With subliminal information software programs, the drive for change is incorporated within your subconscious without the need to be aware of it.

So the software functions silently in the background without unsettling your everyday routines. You will just discover that you steadily experience increasingly more improvement, knowning that it feels good to acheive it. It isn't a tedious task, as things are when self-improvement is something you are pushing yourself to do. Once the drive is subliminally implanted, progress is truly a delight, and you simply don’t even know why!

The computer software includes information you need to effect change, and operates either by allowing you to focus on comforting sounds which have information subtly planted in them, or by viewing videos on your pc display that relate images and tell a story, but that also flash barely noticed information to you while you observe.

These are typically positive affirmations. You will not consciously remember that you are listening to or viewing them, but they'll be there, and your unconscious will recognise them and begin integrating them into your general impression of self. The messages switch off your internal critic and let your intrinsic coach come out and support you while you begin to do amazing things and produce spectacular changes in your own life and routines.

You may use subliminal message computer software to accomplish specific things like increase your focus, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, shed weight, give up smoking, and be a far more patient and easygoing individual. It may even help you perform better with your studying! You can purchase this kind of computer software just about anyplace on the internet that offers computer software, so you don't have to search very long to locate precisely the software you'll want to achieve what you want.

One Such Software is Called Mind Zoom

Does Mindzoom Software really work? 


Are you stuck in an aspect of your life and you want to move on to better things? Are you wondering why no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get rid of a bad habit? You need positive changes in your life right away, and it can only be done by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. How? 


Subliminal Messaging 


We are inundated with subliminal messages every day even without being aware of it. These messages come in the form of sound, videos or images and they are interspersed in advertisements, movies, music, and in print.   


Our brain operates in two levels: the cognitive or conscious level, and the subconscious level. The cognitive level of our brain analyzes everything that our senses receive, so the information we process are filtered.  


Our core beliefs, principles, behaviors and attitudes, however, are nested in our subconscious. Which is why in order for an individual to change a negative habit, the subconscious must be directly accessed. This can be effectively done by exposing our minds to positive affirmations brought by subliminal messages.  


The most effective medium available for accessing the subconscious is subliminal messaging software, such as MindZoom. This program is highly popular because aside from being one of the pioneers in the industry, thousands of users swear by its power to change the lives of people. Let’s take a closer look at it and see if it’s all hype or if it really lives up to its claims.  


MindZoom- How does it Work 


MindZoom is subliminal messaging software that uses downloadable textual affirmations that can be easily accessed in your computer. These textual representations are carefully designed to deliver powerful and positive affirmations to your subconscious via your computer screen.  


The affirmations are flashed discreetly so that your cognitive mind does not interfere with the process by analyzing them. The textual representations reach the subconscious packed with life changing messages.  


With this program, you can get rid of bad habits, improve your social skills, cure phobias, boost your self-confidence and even lose weight.  





We like the fact that the MindZoom program is innovative, original and the techniques used actually delivers results. The software is also user friendly and can be used even by people who are not technically savvy.  


Another excellent thing about MindZoom is the post-sales customer support and the lifetime upgrades, features that are not typically seen in other programs.  


MindZoom also features audio subliminal messaging which allows the user to use synthesized speed that can be transmitted to headphones or speakers. The messages contain positive affirmations, but are at very low frequency so that the subconscious mind is reached without interference.  


The software also includes a subliminal mixer that lets you mix your own recordings, customized affirmations and subliminal messages into your own musical preferences. This way, you can listen to the recordings or music while driving, walking, jogging or working.  


MindZoom can work non-stop in the background, delivering up to 4000 affirmations per hour, while you are working or resting. This way, the software can help you resolve many different problems all at once, such as smoking, phobias, and insecurities.  




If you are looking for instant results, there is no suitable software for you. The product itself does not claim to deliver tangible results immediately, which is the reality with all subliminal software. You should not expect immediate results because your brain will take a bit of time to remove bad habits learnt over a lifetime. This software works gently, but surely, so you should expect to see changes in your life in 20-30 days.  


The Verdict 


If you want to quit smoking, gambling, drinking or any other negative habits, subliminal messaging is one of the best healing options. Instead of bombarding your mind with useless things, start changing your life for the better with subliminal software such as MindZoom. The software is packed with features not found in others, it is affordable, safe and it really works.  

 Subliminal Message Software

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Discover this new Innovative Software which will Reprogram Your Mind and Body on Auto-Pilot, Placing Life Changing Information Straight Inside your Subconscious Mind, working Quickly and Simply.  Attain Your Desired Goals With the Touch Of a Mouse Button !

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Discover this new Innovative Software which will Reprogram Your Mind and Body on Auto-Pilot

Find Out More about Subliminal Message Softwaremind zoom

View our VIDEO of Mindzoom Subliminal Message Software.

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Attain Your Goals With the Touch Of a Mouse Button!

Find Out More about Subliminal Message Softwaremind zoom









View our VIDEO of Mindzoom Subliminal Message Software.

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